The author of “Black Swan” is optimistic about the current “Crypto Crash”, here is why

Nassim Taleb, modern philosopher, former options trader, risk analyst and author of “Black Swan,” “Antifragile” and other best-selling books, has criticized the leaders of the blockchain industry and is looking forward to the current crypto-currency market crash.

“I’m optimistic the world won’t be run by cryptocrats.”

Nassim Taleb took to Twitter to pour out another serving of scorn on the crypto industry and its leaders, whom he refers to as cryptocrats.

He also sort of expressed optimism about the current crypto-currency market collapse, posting a tweet under the title “CRYPTOCRASH“. In it, he shared his optimism because he believes that “the world will not be ruled by pencil-necked cryptocrats out of a 1964 black-and-white Dracula movie.

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He also tweeted that the so-called cryptocrats combine their “computer skills with the mental flexibility of NY Dept of Motor Vehicles agents and the common sense of a caffeinated parrot“.

An attack against Vitalik Buterin?

He even compared crypto-currency executives to funeral directors dressed in ill-fitting pajamas.

When a Twitter user posted a photo of Vitalik Buterin making an appearance at the ETHDenver event in February 2022, dressed in pajamas, Nassim Taleb said he denied “officially“refer to a specific person in the crypto space.

From crypto supporter to bitcoin acid hater

Nassim Taleb has come a long way from being a supporter of bitcoin and crypto-currencies in general to a vocal detractor of crypto-currencies.

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In 2019, he praised bitcoin when banks closed in Lebanon (Taleb’s home country) after mass protests that were called a “WhatsApp revolution.” The government wanted to tax users’ calls made via WhatsApp and other messaging apps. At the time, he said that the fact that banks are not there when you need them is the best use case for crypto-currencies.

Then, in 2021, after the flagship crypto-currency reached an all-time high near the $69,000 level, the scholar began criticizing Bitcoin and again rejoiced in the market crash that occurred a year ago.

Recently, in September, he called Bitcoin “tumor“occurred due to”the economy of Disneyland” over the past 15 years, when the Fed was cutting interest rates. He also publicly regretted not shorting bitcoin.

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