At least 19 killed after drinking adulterated alcohol in Morocco

Moroccan authorities have announced Wednesday that at least 19 people have died as a result of intoxication from the consumption of adulterated alcohol in the town of Alcazarquivir, 100 kilometers south of Tangier.

In addition to the deceased, eleven others are admitted to a hospital in Alcazarquivir, where they are receiving intensive care, as detailed by the head of the nursing department of the hospital itself, Chliha Mohamed Said, in statements to ‘Le360’.

“Of the 30 people who were admitted here at Alcazarquivir hospital, 19 have died and the others are receiving intensive care,” the nurse said, sharing her wishes that there will be “no more people poisoned with this adulterated alcohol.”

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This episode of collective intoxication has taken place after a vendor offered smuggled alcohol to dozens of people, who subsequently suffered headaches, vomiting, stomach cramps and red eyes.

The suspect, a 48-year-old man, has already been arrested by the Moroccan Police on charges of selling adulterated alcohol. Also 49 liters of this liquid have been seized, as reported by the newspaper.

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