These Advent calendars on Amazon are a blast!

Opening doors can be really fun – Sully from der Monster AG has already shown us this. Now it’s our turn at Christmas time!

Die best, greatest, most bizarre, funniest, most beautiful or stupidest Advent calendar – here we show you what you can get on Amazon in 2023. Whether for children, adults, your partner or the toilet (yes, really!) – if you have as much fun opening doors as Sully from Monster AG, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ll start with the classics – and you can read about them below the crazy crackers be happy!

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From brilliant to crazy: these Advent calendars are a blast!

Classic Advent calendars for children, partners, grandma & Co.

  • Lego City Advent Calendar: With 24 figures including Santa Claus, you get a few stones to build here every day. Perfect if your child already has a few things from Lego City, they fit in really well.
  • Nutella Advent Calendar 2023: Think what you will about the company behind it, but Nutella has a lot of fans out there. If you know someone who can’t get enough of them, here’s how to make the holiday season extra sweet.
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  • Tea and Mindfulness Advent Calendar: Teas are also a classic now. With this one you not only get enjoyment for contemplative moments, but also wisdom that encourages you to be more mindful in everyday life.
  • Coffee Advent Calendar: For me, a good morning starts with a coffee – and during Advent you can try 24 varieties. They come from all over the world and come from a Danish, artisan roastery.
  • Sudoku advent calendar “for grandma”: A little puzzle every day – it not only keeps your mind fit, but is also fun. If you’re still looking for an Advent calendar for your grandparents (or yourself) – Sudoku is always possible!

Bosch tools, escape room, chili and fun for the toilet!

  • Broadcast with the Mouse Experimental Advent Calendar: The show with the mouse also accompanied me back then – and with this Advent calendar your little one will not only learn a thing or two about physics or chemistry, but perhaps also discover the joy of natural sciences.
  • Escape-Room-Adventskalender: Almost a classic, but still something special: Escape games are still trendy. With this Advent calendar for adults you can solve the mystery of “Patient 13” by Christmas.
  • Satire-Adventskalender of Postillon: The Postillon has been known for its serious journalism and hard facts for many years. Oh well. More or less. The satirical magazine has exciting “news” ready for you every day.
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Advent calendar for the ass: This colleague is for the bottom, based on the motto “Laugh 24 times when things get stuck”. Everything is included, from funny toilet paper sayings to exciting facts about going to the porcelain pot in the morning.

Bosch tool advent calendar: The question we’ve all been asking ourselves has finally been answered with “Now!” answered: When will the Bosch Advent calendar with ratchet, bottle opener and screwdriver finally be available?

Wine Advent calendar for “Christmas”: Merry Christmas! Here you get everything you need for an exclusive wine tasting. 24 doors (not all of which contain wine) take you on a tasty tour of discovery.

The chili advent calendar: My brother-in-law once had an Advent calendar like this – and of course we didn’t miss the opportunity to try out the 24 chili sauces with increasing spiciness at Christmas. The hottest has 2.1 million Scoville. That’s really banging!

There are even more Advent calendars on Amazon

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