The 17th-century monarch you can have arrested –

While we know that certain posts on social media can get you into big trouble, in India you can be arrested if you post a picture of the 17th-century Mughal emperor Aurangzeb.

According to Wired, this happened to Taufiq Bagwan, who had posted the photo with a caption stating Aurangzeb ” the father of Hindu nationalists”. was called. This is all said to be part of a movement of Hindu nationalists in Maharashtra, who monitor social media for content that could be seen as offensive to Hindus.

This, in turn, has turned Indian social media into a hostile space for Muslims, who face harassment and arrests for such posts. Aurangzeb, an Islamic ruler, is seen as a symbol of protest for India’s 13 million Muslims, while for Hindus he is a figure of tyranny.

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The 17th-century monarch you can have arrested

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