These are the winners of the EBLive Awards 2023 that make history and consolidate in Spain

The second edition of the ‘EBLive Awards’ organized by Esports Business Live and framed within the Tenerife GG festival, make history with 102,441 votes cast during the counting of votes and gathering 241 people in the Adán Martín Auditorium in Tenerife and more than 3,100 viewers simultaneously in streaming.

The contest, which has delivered 21 awards between prizes and recognitionsThe industry agents whose excellence, professionalism, hard work and social activism have led them to obtain these distinctions have been the unavoidable protagonists of these awards.

Thus, the winners of this second edition of the ‘EBLive Awards’ 2023 have been: Team Heretics with Red Bull (best partnership agreement of the year); Giants Innovation Hub (best innovative project); Virginia Calvo and Jose Ramon Diaz (in joint nomination for best entrepreneur of the year); Esports Professional (best specialized training in esports); Domino’s Gaming (reference brand in the sector); Professional Video Game League (best promoter of competitions); Team Heretics (best esports team); Gaming Brand (best media); Riot Games Spain (best publisher of the year); TikTok Spain (best streaming platform); ElYoya (best esports player of the year); Lembo (best journalist of the year); Sergio Ferra (best caster of the year); Red Lucas (best Coach of the year); National Police (national public agency most committed to the industry); Riot Games (promotion of female talent); ONCE Foundation (award for accessibility and inclusion in the industry); Solar Flare (best esports team of the Canary Islands); Hiperdino (Canary Islands reference brand); Rotren (best esports player in the Canary Islands); and the Cabildo de Tenerife and PCTT (the institution most committed to esports in the Canary Islands).

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The awards gala has been supported by HiperDino, the Science and Technology Park of Tenerife and the Cabildo of Tenerife; as well as major players in the national esports industry such as BIG C, Auren, Esports Professional, SBG and Play The Game, and the next edition is expected to return to the islands in July 2024, where they are already working for the celebration of its 3rd edition.

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