Apple Watch update is said to be bigger than expected

The World Wide Developers Conference will take place on June 5th and we can assume that Apple will show new things about watchOS 10 at the developer conference.

Why could it be bigger this time? Apple expert Mark Gurman wrote in his weekly newsletter that the user interface in particular could get major changes.

He believes that because the hardware of the upcoming Apple Watch generation will not change much, a major content update could score points.

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We wish for these features

Apple hasn’t touched some parts of the software for years, and there is an urgent need to catch up in some cases.

taking notes

Shocking: You can’t take notes on the Apple Watch. It’s not possible to quickly hold down a book idea or catch other flashes of inspiration – even though the watch and mobile phone are connected. The workaround is to let Siri set a reminder.

Our suggestion: Put the Notes app on the watch and let’s speak our thoughts directly into the watch.

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Neue App-Layouts

At the moment we have two app layouts to choose from: the grid and an alphabetical sorting. The first one gets pretty confusing pretty quickly, and the second one has us scrolling down a wolf.

Our suggestion: Let’s customize the grid. Or give us various grids that are adapted to corresponding focus modes such as work, vacation and private.

Third Party Watchfaces

The Apple Watch isn’t just a computer on your wrist, it’s also a fashion statement. Colorful straps of all colors and materials are allowed, but why only first-party watch faces? Sure, Apple delivers new watchfaces with every update, which are also customizable, but why can’t we create our own?

Our suggestion: Third party watchfaces for more choice. Better yet, let’s craft and share our own watchfaces right away to be able to customize our smartwatches even more.

Better sleep tracking

Apple hasn’t changed anything about sleep tracking for seven (!) years. The clock still relies on us to tell it when we’re going to sleep. What if we take a nap? Bad luck, sleep tracking only applies at set times. In addition, the watch does not always reliably record sleep.

Our suggestion: The watch should determine itself when you lie down and sleep. No problem with today’s technology. In addition, the watch could also use the microphone to record snoring or coughing and note it in the Health app.

More depth for the fitness rings

In my article How the Apple Watch made me a watch wearer I am also talking about the fitness rings. Gamification making me move more? Hell yes! But the rings need an overhaul.

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Not only does its importance decrease the longer you wear the smartwatch. The goal is open-ended. As long as you reach your fitness goal, the Apple Watch sets a next higher one – whether it’s feasible or not.

Our suggestion: Revamps the fitness app and makes it more customizable. Personal circumstances are not included in the fitness calculation. In addition, we should be allowed to set our own goals.

More independence

Two hearts beat in the Apple Watch: On the one hand, many settings can only be made with an iPhone, on the other hand, many apps and features also work without the associated cell phone. For example, the watch automatically collects health data when you wear it.

Our suggestion: Makes the Apple Watch independent. There are certainly enough Android users out there who are interested in an Apple Watch but don’t want to buy an iPhone as well. Instead, they may choose an inferior but compatible smartwatch from another brand. You could pick them up with independence.

Oh yes: Patrick Schneider already expressed eight wishes regarding watchOS in January. In addition, Huawei recently announced the Watch Ultimate and declared war on Apple’s high-end model.

There are rumors that watchOS 10 will come with big updates, some of which have been a long time coming. Do you think Apple is finally upgrading in the right places? What are your hopes for the new Apple Watch update? Are you actually a watch wearer? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment column.

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