Tesla Model 3, at a good price: where you can find it cheaper than in Romania

A new study has detailed the countries where the Tesla Model 3 is the cheapest and most expensive to buy.

While this data set refers to a specific electric vehicle, it can provide a broader perspective on how the costs of electric vehicles vary depending on the country where you live.

Being the most affordable electric vehicle in Tesla’s current range, the Model 3 has become the best-selling electric vehicle in the world to date. For this reason, it is not surprising that the study authors chose to review and compare prices for Model 3 in countries around the world.

The study, which shows the prices of electric vehicles by country, sorted from cheapest to most expensive, was conducted by Confused.com in the UK. In addition to electric vehicles, the study also compares the overall prices of SUVs, hatchbacks and sports cars.

For each category, Confused.com has chosen a vehicle that is widely available for sale worldwide. The team then obtained list prices for that model by visiting Tesla’s local website for each country in which it is sold.

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For Tesla Model 3, the study focused on the cheapest model available and used the list price, as shown on the Tesla website for each country.


Where can you buy the cheapest Tesla Model 3

At the top of the list of countries where it is the cheapest to buy a Tesla Model 3 is Macao, on the south coast of China. Renowned for its gigantic casinos, Macau is the global place to hit the jackpot at the cheapest price for a Tesla Model 3 in the world.

Macao is followed by its neighbor China in second place, and Romania with only a few hundred dollars more in third place. The United States and its unincorporated territory of Puerto Rico complete the top 10, with about $ 46,500 for a brand new Model 3.

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Where can you buy the most expensive Tesla Model 3

You’ve seen the cheapest countries where you can buy a Tesla Model 3, now here are the countries where you have to pay a lot for a Model 3.

The number one with a huge margin is Singapore. At nearly $ 83,500 for the cheapest version of the Tesla Model 3, Singapore consumers pay more than double their Macao neighbors. Singapore could get a better deal for a Vinfast EV, as the Vietnamese manufacturer is closer.

Israel is the country that sells Tesla’s second most expensive electric vehicle, followed by Sweden, whose consumers may soon look to other electric vehicle manufacturers such as NIO. Sweden is also interesting to see in the top 10, along with Denmark, in fifth place, as its neighbor Norway’s Model 3 is currently the sixth cheapest.

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