Tesla has launched TeslaMic microphones for karaoke singing in the car. VIDEO

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, Tesla launched a new accessory and a new application for its cars sold in China. It’s called TeslaMic and offers customers the opportunity to play karaoke music using the Leishi KTV platform. Although the package was listed online at a price of about 200 US dollars, it sold out almost instantly, the stocks are now exhausted, with no deadline for when they will return.

For now, TeslaMic will only be sold in China

TeslaMic is a package that includes two Wireless microphones. They automatically connect to Tesla machines and can be used with the Leishi KTV karaoke platform. It provides access to music, which it provides via the car’s internet connection. Of course, this is not the only karaoke platform on Tesla, but it will provide the most content and allow the connection of new microphones. Tesla cars already had such an older function, but with less music and no dedicated microphones.

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However, it is unclear whether Tesla will offer TeslaMic outside of China, or at least outside of Asia. Asian countries seem to be very passionate about karaoke, with many bars dedicated to this activity. In the West, however, this practice is more of a niche. There are karaoke parties in various clubs and bars, but they are not so popular. Thus, the investment may not be worth it for Tesla.


The presentation clip for TeslaMic demonstrates the functionality of karaoke, but also presents other software innovations that the company has brought in the mobile application, as well as on the infotainment system of its cars on the occasion of the Chinese New Year.

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source: Engadget

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