Galaxy Watch 4, irreparably broken after applying the latest firmware update

Samsung seems to have a real problem with the latest firmware update for the Galaxy Watch 4, with the devices stopping working shortly after applying the update package.

Providing the ideal pretext for an eventual class-action lawsuit seeking millions of dollars in damages from Samsung, the firmware revision labeled R8xxXXU1GVI3 leaves the just-updated devices in a seemingly unrecoverable state. Specifically, freshly updated Watch 4 copies with the aforementioned firmware continue to function only until the first battery discharge, with the device shutting down good and impossible to restart afterwards. Apparently even applying a different firmware version while the smartwach is in working order does not solve the problem, with Samsung requiring the updated devices to be brought to authorized service centers.

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Even worse for Samsung is that the problem isn’t just manifesting itself in a specific region, but appears to be a “phenomenon” with global reach, wherever the Galaxy Watch 4 series (including the Classic model) has been sold.

It is currently unclear whether the issue is manifesting itself in all Watch 4s updated with this firmware release, or is more likely a sporadically manifested bug.

Contacted for clarification, Samsung officials offered the following statement:

“We are aware that a limited number of models in the Watch 4 series are not starting up following a recent software update (VI3). We have stopped the update and will release new software soon.

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We recommend that customers experiencing this issue with the Galaxy Watch 4 series visit their nearest Samsung service center or call a contact center.”

In the meantime, Galaxy Watch 4 owners who have not applied the latest firmware update are encouraged to wait for the next patch distributed by Samsung.

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