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Tesla has begun preparing for the launch of the Semi model: how much will the new vehicle cost


If you have $ 20,000, you can book an electric truck.

The long-delayed Tesla Semi has just taken an important step towards becoming a practical reality. According to CNET, the carmaker has begun accepting reservations for its electric truck. You will have to place a $ 20,000 deposit (of which $ 15,000 by bank transfer), and Tesla has not yet restricted its launch beyond the production window expected for 2023.

However, this is noticeable when early commitments were largely limited to bulk orders from PepsiCo and Walmart.

Semi was unveiled in 2017 alongside the second generation Roadster. The car was designed to improve conventional transport with a maximum range of 800 km, fast “Megacharger” reloads and a time of 20 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h at a loaded weight of 36 tons.

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A premium price

The truck is still expected to start at $ 150,000, making it potentially viable for companies looking for long-distance transportation without the usual fuel costs or environmental impact.

As with the new Roadster, however, the launch did not go according to plan. Tesla has delayed Semi several times, most recently to address the chip shortage and limited production capacity for the required 4680 battery cells. Reservations at this stage are less about imminent delivery and more about blocking future revenue, just as Cybertruck deposits (estimated at 1.3 million in November 2021) have helped Tesla secure billions in revenue no matter when it takes place. delivery.

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However, Tesla may not be too worried about waiting. Nikola’s rival is just stepping up its production of electric semi-trucks, and well-known brands such as Freightliner have not found lightning success with its electric vehicles. Semi will continue to enter a relatively young field, with the advantages of both name recognition and technology.

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