Surgeon in London operates with 5G on a banana in California

The Instagram account ‘KaisTheSurgeon‘ has shared a video showing how the 5G allows the scalpel to be used by remote control to operate. Likewise, it was demonstrated in May of last year in a test to remotely operate a banana which was in California (United States) from the surgeon’s computer in London (United Kingdom), i.e. 8,558 km away.

The finding has been a test of telemedicine and has served to demonstrate the possibilities of telemedicine remote surgery. The video of the operation was shared by technology expert Pascual Bornet who tweeted:

“Achievements of the telemedicinea surgeon in London remotely performed an operation on a banana in California. This is just one demonstration of the possibilities of remote surgery; thanks to the communication 5Gwhich operates with minimum delays, such operations will be converted into a reality for surgeons”, the expert explained.

New opportunities

The news was also reported by the journalist Charles Carter, specializing in healthcare robotics, who has stated that tele-surgery is possible because of the speed of the signal offered by the 5G:

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“With a latency end-to-end sufficiently low: the time it takes la signal London, when the surgeon moves his control leverto reach the robot in California and the answer is visual and haptic to be sent back to London, it is possible to control the surgical robot successfully (i.e., without turning the banana into mincemeat),” Carter says.

It is certainly a breakthrough that in the future could provide first level medical care in remote areas o unattended. On the other hand, it usually takes more than 10 years for anyone to become a surgeon. Thanks to this knowledge and to a technique that sometimes goes beyond human limits, medical milestones have been reached, such as transplanting a heartadapt a robotic legs to the body or even transplant a brain.

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Ultimately, the breakthrough may mean another significant discovery to be able to perform special operations on people who need a special surgical intervention in an unpopulated area or the possibility of a specialized surgeon being able to operate remotely thousands of kilometers away to his patient.

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