Participation abroad in the Colombian presidential elections reaches 12 percent


Participation in the Colombian presidential elections this Sunday with regard to the Colombian community abroad has stood at 12 percent until Saturday, as reported by the Colombian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Martha Lucía Ramírez.

Until this Saturday, at least 118,921 Colombians have voted abroad for the presidential elections this Sunday. The points with the most voters were Miami, with 16,708 voters; Madrid, with 10,566; Orlando, with 5,963 and New York, with 4,767.

The total number of Colombians abroad is estimated at 972,764, which means that until Saturday the participation reached 12 percent.

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“It has been a very busy and successful day at the Consulate headquarters in central London,” explained the Colombian consul in the British capital, according to the Colombian public broadcaster RTVC.

In Spain, Colombians have closed the vote by singing the national anthem and in Florida the vote has been held at the Marriot hotel in Coral Spring, where discomfort has been reported when exercising their right.

The videos broadcast on social networks show long queues and disorder in the corridors of the facility. “There was no proper signage, people did not know where to enter,” said a voter.

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