Star Trek: Discovery has come to an end: when it says goodbye to fans

One season left before Star Trek: Discovery says goodbye to its few fans.

The Paramount+ series ends after season 5, but that won’t bother that many Star Trek fans, since the show has been hotly contested, over the seasons it has run.

According to Variety, Paramount+ is also postponing the release date of the fifth season until 2024, even though it was originally supposed to happen this year at least.

Star Trek: Discovery marked a first in the Trek world

However, Star Trek: Discovery marked a first by featuring a black female character in the lead role. Whereas in DS9 we had Captain Sisko, and in Voyager we had Janeway, Discovery combined the two characters into one.

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Furthermore, the franchise has prominently featured LGBTQIA+ characters, though admittedly Star Trek: Picard or Strange New Worlds have also chosen to tick this category with success.

As The Hollywood Reporter notes, the show currently holds the distinction for being Paramount+’s longest-running drama to date, as bizarre as that may sound.

The 2017 debut led to a record number of sign-ups for the streaming service then known as CBS All Access and paved the way for other Trek series, including Lower Decks and Prodigy.

Tanya Giles, director of programming at Paramount Streaming, said, “Star Trek: Discovery is a perennial favorite of the service, near and dear to the hearts of legions of ‘Star Trek’ fans, as well as everyone here at Paramount+.”

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Right now, Trek fans can watch Star Trek: Picard, which airs on Paramount+. Sadly, this series has also been cancelled, being in its final season.

However, there are rumors that the giant is preparing a series of spin-offs based on other fan-loved characters. One possibility is a series centered on Worf. It remains to be seen if the rumors will materialize.

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