NASA is going to play a more prominent role in the study of UFOs -.

With UFO sightings and reports appearing to be at an all-time high, NASA has now announced that it will play a more prominent role in the study of “observations of airborne events that cannot be identified as balloons, aircraft or as known natural phenomena from a scientific perspective.”

NASA will appoint a director to lead the investigation of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), all for the sake of benefit of humanity, as NASA administrator Bill Nelson puts it.

“At NASA, it is in our DNA to investigate – and to question why things are the way they are. I want to thank the Independent Study Team for providing insight into how NASA can better study and analyze UAP in the future. NASA’s new director of UAP Research will develop and oversee the implementation of NASA’s scientific vision for UAP research, including using NASA’s expertise to collaborate with other agencies to analyze UAP and apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to search the sky for anomalies. NASA will do this work transparently for the benefit of humanity.”

As for what this report will reveal, NASA has stated that it is not a review or assessment of past UAP observations, but will be used to shed light on and determine the nature and origin of UAPs in the future. The hope is that this report will also help destigmatize the study of UAPs.

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NASA is going to play a more prominent role in the study of UFOs

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