Square Enix chooses Polygon (finally) for its game Symbiogenesis


Symbiogenesis – Credit : Square Enix

Symbiogenesisthe first title of the editor Square Enix based on NFTwill be available on the layer 2 Polygon. Initially, Ethereum was to host the game.

The CEO of Square EnixAt the beginning of the year, Yosuke Matsuda sent a reassuring message: the course of blockchain gaming and the Web3 is not in question, despite the turbulence of 2022.

The Japanese publisher confirms it once again by providing details about its first blockchain game entitled Symbiogenesis. The company had the opportunity to present a teaser last November.

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Speed, costs and ergonomics: Polygon wins

Square Enix was then planning a launch on the Ethereum blockchain. Change in the program, it is finally on Polygonthe popular layer 2 of the Ethereum ecosystem, that Symbiogenesis will be launched.

Square Enix has chosen to leverage Polygon’s high transaction speeds, low gas charges and overall user-friendliness to bring this unique experience to Web3″ fans, announced the game’s producer, Naoyuki Tamate.

The Japanese publisher, however, still shows stingy with details. Nevertheless, it loosens the grip a bit by providing some new information for players and users of the Web3 ecosystem.

Based on a strategy game mechanic, Square Enix will apparently offer a game with 10,000 character NFT. These will not be the only non-fungible tokens in the title.

10,000 NFT of characters and other tokens

Other tokens will also be available. In addition, according to Polygon Labs, players will only have not be required to hold a character NFT to play. Having such a token will, however, have an “extra value” in terms of experience – yet to be specified.

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Let’s remember that the universe of Symbiogenesis is based on a continent floating above a polluted Earth. The game uses a turn-based gameplay and a scenario with several branches.

The release date was not specified. The Japanese group had originally announced a spring 2023 launch. The Discord and the official website will be them online mid-March.

In addition, further Web3 announcements are expected to be made by Square Enix during 2023. “We are undertaking preparations that will allow us to unveil even more titles this year “said Yosuke Matsuda, its CEO, in January.

The firm further plans to invest and take stakes “in promising companies, whether we find them in Japan or overseas.”

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