SpaceX drops Starlink subscription price in Romania to less than half the original price

Starlink, the satellite internet service from Elon Musk-led SpaceX, is significantly cheapening its services in Romania. The company has notified its customers of a price cut in most regions where the satellite internet signal can reach, but in Romania we’re seeing the monthly price drop to less than half. So high-speed internet anywhere, whether you live in a city or on a mountaintop, is no longer prohibitively expensive.

Starlink subscriptions and equipment prices significantly reduced

Starlink, which launched in Romania this year and came with starting equipment prices of 3,200 lei and a monthly subscription price of 529 lei, can now also be purchased by those who felt these prices were not justified. Furthermore, the transport of the equipment, which added an extra cost to the initial price, has disappeared from the order page.

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As of today, August 25, Starlink’s satellite internet service costs just 230 lei per month. What’s more, the initial cost of purchasing the necessary equipment, which consists of a mobile satellite dish and a router that allows computers and other devices to connect to the Internet via Starlink, drops to 2,400 lei.

starlink price

After full payment of the equipment cost, Starlink will deliver the package free of charge to the specified address and will start charging monthly only after you create an account for its services at the first installation. It is important to note, however, that Starlink’s services may not completely cover the whole country. You can check if the company’s services are available where you live by entering your address on the official website. Although in theory you can use Starlink from anywhere, access to the company’s satellites is only guaranteed for the location for which it was ordered, if there is coverage there.

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Starlink is rumored to announce a partnership with T-Mobile, the US division of Deutsche Telekom, to sell access to Starlink and T-Mobile services in a single package.

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