Disney+ launches streaming app on PlayStation 5, bringing 4K and HDR playback to Sony’s console

Streaming service Disney+ has announced the launch of its streaming app for Sony’s PlayStation 5 console as well. Fans are probably now very confused, as the PlayStation 5 could already run the Disney app to access their favorite movies and series. However, it turns out that what was listed was not a “native” PS5 app, but just the older PlayStation 4 app, which ran at limited quality settings. The new app will offer the ability to experience Disney+ content at the highest quality.

Until now, Disney+ on PS5 was limited to 1080p due to the older PS4 app

Those using Disney+ on PlayStation 5 until now only had access to videos at full 1080p resolution. That’s because the app was made based on the settings of the original PS4 console, which displayed maximum Full HD resolution. Even though there was a PlayStation 4 Pro, which could also play in 4K, Disney didn’t make this possible on the Pro or PS5.

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Only the new Disney+ app can play movies and series in 4K and HDR, just like the native smart TV app does.

Those in regions where Disney+ doesn’t exist but Star Plus, another streaming service owned by the US company, does, will be able to download Star Plus to their PlayStation 5 consoles for 4K content in HDR. Unfortunately, the new enhancements don’t apply to those who own PlayStation 4 Pro consoles. It looks like Sony will keep the old PlayStation 4 app limited to 1080p on the old consoles.

Other streaming apps offered options like 4K and HDR on game consoles even on previous-gen versions like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so this was one area where Disney was pretty far behind. Of course, it’s unclear how many of the company’s customers use the streaming app through a console and how many use the apps directly on playback devices like Apple TV or Chromecast, or even directly in the native TV app.

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