Dacia, on the heights of glory: what Sandero has achieved in Europe should make all Romanians happy

The manufacturer from Mioveni continues to record enviable performances both in Mioritic lands and at European level. This time, Dacia Sandero is the reason for joy for Romanians.

At the end of 2021, Dacia Sandero was ranked third in Europe in sales, after in two of the 12 months of last year it reached the performance of jumping to the first position on the podium. Now, again, in 2022, Dacia Sandero is in first place, being one of the exceptions that seems to be immune to the semiconductor crisis, thus increasing its market share.

Dacia, the exception to the rule in a market that goes to the head

January was another month in which car sales in Europe fell, as ACEA had already announced, but now the information has been confirmed by Jato Dynamics. More importantly, however, the Dacia Sandero makes enough waves on the old continent to occupy the first position in the top, far behind both the 208 and 2008 Peugeot models and the classic Volkswagen Gold, positioned on four.

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As a reference, Dacia Sandero managed to register 17,558 units in January of this year, surpassing last year’s performance by 10% and that of 2020 by 25%, finally reaching the dominance of European car sales. It is worth noting that the Peugeot 208 sold over 1000 fewer units than the Sandero, and the 2008 Peugeot sold about 3,000 fewer. The historical leader of the market, VW Golf, registers a fabulous decrease from year to year, -44% compared to 2020, and 4% compared to last year.

This is a consequence of the frequent shutdowns of production in Wolfsburg, a detail which inevitably led to this situation. Again, the problem is not demand, but supply. Manufacturers are limited by semiconductors, and customers are also waiting six or eight months for a new car. Ford Puma, a local model, entered the top 10 in 2022 due to an increase of approximately 100% compared to January 2020 and 18% compared to January 2021. The SUV from Craiova was reflected in 12,159 registered cars.

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