New year, new skin: this is how GIANTX faces its debut in the world’s esports elite

The esports club GIANTX faces with maximum ambition a 2024 as historic as it is exciting. The international videogame competitions are back and with them the presence of GIANTX, which this year consolidates its position at the elite of e-sports. The first to resume its activity is one of the most eagerly awaited events worldwide, the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC), which is being held at the brand new Riot Games Arena Berlin.

GIANTX is part of the select group of ten organizations participating in the LEC, the most important League of Legends league in Europe and the one that allows the teams that make it up to fight for the League of Legends to go to the LoL Worldsthe long-awaited Worlds. The Worlds have established themselves as the most important event within the esports universe, the one that generates the largest audiences, attracts the best players and arouses the most interest in brands and sponsors. The Worlds are, in short, the event that anyone who is professionally dedicated to the title of “esports” dreams of. Riot Games. And so does GIANTX as one of the LEC 2024 contenders.

On December 14, GIANTX was announced as one of the contenders for LEC 2024. merger of the Malaga-based club Giants and the London-based club Excel. This new stage of union between two companies with more than proven experience in the sector has crystallized in GIANTX, which will be present in video game competitions of more international impact. In addition to the LEC, GIANTX will compete in the world circuits of Valorant both male (VCT) as well as female (Game Changers); will do the same in the LoL Super League of the Professional Video Game League (LVP), the great reference of esports in Spain and from which GIANTX inherits the condition of the most winning team in history, with seven titles; and will bet on the ‘fighting games’ again, in particular for the Smash Bros Ultimate.

GIANTX is warming up the engines for a LEC that for 2024 will be ‘dominated’ by Spaniards, since two other national references are also part of it, such as. MAD Lions KOI and Team Heretics. The most successful clubs are G2with twelve trophies, and Fnaticwith seven. Completing the list of participants are Karmine Corp, Rogue, SK Gaming, Team BDS and Team Vitality.. Karmine Corp, with a social mass as massive as it is energetic, also debuts in the LEC.

This Saturday, January 13th at 20:00, GIANTX will officially start its journey in the LEC 2024. Three seasons will be played during the year: winter, spring and summer. The first rival in the winter campaign that is now beginning is Team Vitality from France. LoL does not stop, as there will also be matches on Sunday and Monday. Team BDS of Switzerland awaits on Sunday (17:00) and there will be a Spanish duel on Monday vs. Team Heretics (19:00), a clash that has traditionally been the ‘Classic’ in the domestic esports. The winter season takes place until February 18, date of the final.

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The matches can be followed online at official LVP channel and on the Giantswith a special broadcast with prominent figures of the Spanish League of Legends community. Also in Malaga at the Home of GIANTXthe home of the giants on the Costa del Sol. At the GIANTX facility, fans will gather every week to cheer on their team, who will be looking to get the first week of competition off to a good start in Berlin. Tickets are free of charge.

Because the ‘Blue Tidewill once again accompany GIANTX on this trip. At the headquarters in Malaga, the doors will be opened and there will be special atmosphere for the start of the LEC. Fans will also gather to enjoy a LoL Super League kicking off on Wednesday, January 17 and the Valorant Champions Tour starting next month.

This is GIANTX team in LEC

GIANTX has presented a roster whose core is already known from the previous stage in Excel and who knows what it is to compete at the highest level. It is not for nothing that Excel managed to reach the summer finals last year and was fighting to go to the Worlds, falling short in the final event held in the French city of Montpellier. The quintet is formed by the following players and coaches:

  • Andrei Pascu ‘Odoamne‘ (Romania, 1995). Toplaner.
  • Lee Min-gyu ‘Peach‘ (South Korea, 2000). Jungle.
  • Adam Jeřábek ‘Jackies‘ (Czech Republic, 2004). Midlaner.
  • Patrik Jírů ‘Patrik‘ (Czech Republic, 2000). ADCarry.
  • Lee Dong-geun ‘Ignar‘ (South Korea, 1996). Support.
  • Jonah Vraa ‘Hidon‘ (Denmark). Coach.
  • Christophe van Oudheusden ‘Kaas‘ (Belgium). Coach.

Young Jackies and veteran Ignar put the novelty in the squad. Jackies is ‘rookie’ in the LEC and is a bet for the future after showing well in his local tournament. Ignar, who has played in three World Cups and reigning North American championship champion, will bring experience to his return to Europe. OdoamneLEC champion in 2022 with Rogue and finalist on several occasions, repeats along with Patrikan Excel classic, now GIANTX, and Peachwhich is in its second year on the continent. The goal is to grow as a group and aim for the playoffs.

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A review of the history and format

GIANTX can say that, by history and origins, it is one of the organizations of the longest-established on the European scene eSports scene. GIANTX’s founding clubs, Giants and Excel, have been part of the best League of Legends continental competition at different times.

Giants was one of the pioneer teams that eleven years ago integrated the first season of the old LCS, ‘mother’ of the current LEC. The Malagueños competed in the LCS in different stages.with the Spanish bloc that excited the community in 2015 as the culmination, until a franchise system was introduced in 2019 and the LEC was born. Excel is a founding member and has always belonged to the LEC. since its creation five years ago. Now, the story continues in common and Giants and Excel share a common path as GIANTX.

GIANTX has not opened its showcase in the LEC, although both Giants and Excel have played in the playoffs on several occasions. The closest the organization has come to the trophy is when Excel, after a remarkable improvement, made it into the summer finals in 2023. G2, ultimately the dominant club of the competition, prevented their victory. It did not come close to victory, but the all-Spanish quintet formed by the Pepiinero, Adryh, Fr3deric, Rydle and Werlyb holds a privileged place in the memory of the national League of Legends fan.

The LEC maintains the format that premiered last season, with a regular league a single round-robin league in which the top eight qualified qualify for the playoffs. The playoffs phase has a double-elimination bracket until the grand final, which will be played on February 18. After the winter campaign, the spring and summer campaigns take place. Between these two, the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), which, like the World Championships, brings together the best teams from all regions of the world.

The summer winner goes directly to the Worlds, while the winter and spring winners face each other in the ‘Worlds’.Season Finalswhere the teams with the most points accumulated in the standings have one last chance to qualify for the World Championships, as well as the last European title of the year.

Wink to the fans on the T-shirt

GIANTX has presented the new t-shirt with which it will compete in all eSports in 2024. New skin for a historic season, as this is GIANTX’s first year after the merger. It’s a nod to the fanswhich has become one of the healthiest and most loyal in Spain and Europe. The ‘Blue Tide‘ is reflected in the giants’ new apparel, which can be purchased on the official website.

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