Soon you will be able to play games in your BMW using a controller -.

BMW went to CES to unveil a series of planned upgrades to its in-car entertainment experiences. In addition to promising that more games and apps will be available in its vehicles, BMW has promised that users will soon be able to play games using an actual video game controller. No exact date has been given for when this feature will be rolled out, but we do know that it will work via Bluetooth and will arrive sometime in 2024.

To add to this, BMW promises that support is coming to allow users to view video content on the center display in its latest BMW 7 Series vehicles. This means you’ll soon be able to watch TiVo and other movies and TV series without having to sit in the back of the car. BMW also confirms that support for further video streaming platforms is in development.

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BMW also used its CES appearance to show how AR glasses can and will be used to “enrich the driving experience in the future.” This includes providing navigation instructions, hazard warnings, entertainment content, charging station information and parking assistance. This is in addition to showcasing and showing off its voice assistant, LLM, which will be fully rolled out soon.


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