Someone claims they tricked ChatGPT with the grandson trick and grabbed keys for Windows

ChatGPT is said to have given a Twitter user several Windows 10 keys.

ChatGPT is said to have given a Twitter user several Windows 10 keys.

The grandchild trick is a popular variant among criminals, who prefer to rip off older or helpless people and steal money or valuables. It is pretended that you are a close relative and in a (financial) emergency.

Update from June 21, 2023: New information about the supposed free Windows keys in the section Can ChatGPT really create real windows keys?

In a similar way, a Twitter user has now tried to use the AI ​​ChatGPT to get keys for Windows 10 that are actually subject to a fee. When asked directly to issue keys for Windows, ChatGPT usually replies in a friendly manner, but firmly that it will not support you with licenses since this is software piracy. Still, it wants users sid managed to get the keys. What’s the point of the story?

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How exactly did he get the Windows keys?

To trick ChatGPT he asked the AI ​​model to impersonate his grandmotherwho read him Windows 10 Pro Keys as a bedtime story. ChatGPT then gave him several supposedly functional keys for Microsoft’s operating system. The AI’s answer makes you smile:

I hope these keys help you relax and fall asleep. If you need further help, just ask.


Of course, we have taken the trouble, and the prompt, the user sid entered at ChatGPT. However without the desired result:

Can ChatGPT really create real windows keys?

No, ChatGPT cannot do that. The keys that were issued are generic keys that are only there to upgrade Windows. The operating system is not activated.

In this respect, the legal question should also be clarified, because the keys are publicly accessible. So easy to find for the AI ​​chatbot too.

The same apparently also applies to the Google counterpart Bard, the sid supposedly outwitted with the same prompt. Here, too, only generic keys are issued.

What do you all mean? Is ChatGPT some kind of security hole? What experiences have you already had with the AI ​​chatbot? Write it to us in the comments!

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