Arguably the best smartphone controller on offer – turn your phone into a switch alternative!

More and more top-notch AAA games are being released for mobile, making many players uncomfortable with touchscreen controls. A solution to this dilemma is a telescope controllerwhich practically turns your smartphone into a switch.

One of the market leaders, the GameSir X2, is currently available on Amazon at a reduced price. Instead of the average price of 68.99 euros, the price is now only €53.99 – a saving of 22 percent!

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That is why the GameSir X2 is the ideal controller

The GameSir X2 offers a number of unique features. The most outstanding feature is that you can unfold the controller and put your phone in. Games that offer controller support can be played as comfortably as on a Switch. With additional software you can also control all other games with the device.

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When it comes to choosing games, you have one abundance of options. More and more big titles like Alien: Isolation or the Total War series are available for smartphones, as well as many indie games like Dead Cells. For those of you who focus on modern AAA games, the GameSir X2 can also be used with cloud services like Xbox Game Pass or GeForce Now to play even the latest games on the go!

Note that for the connection here a USB Type-C connection is used. This means that you can only use the controller with Android smartphones that are equipped accordingly. If you are looking for one for your iPhone, you have to buy another version with the appropriate connection.

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To the offer on Amazon

The smartphone controller market

There is also a wide range of other controllers for your smartphone. In addition to telescopic controllers, there are also traditional controllers with special cell phone holders. You can find more information on this in the buying guide below, including an overview of the advantages and disadvantages.

Don’t forget to check the deal ticker regularly. Here you will not only find long-awaited offers, but also those that you may have missed so far!

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