Some people have forgotten how to smile after COVID-19 –

One of the things that may have gone somewhat unnoticed during the pandemic era is that people no longer really need to use the lower half of their face. Japanese citizens in particular are taking classes to practice their smiles once more.

This is because mask restrictions are being reduced in Japan and people are getting used to having their mouths on display again. Keiko Kawano teaches students in Tokyo to practice their smiles by giving them mirrors and having them stretch their mouths with their fingers.

As Reuters reports, Kawano’s company, Egaoiku of Smile Education, has seen huge demand since last year. Smiling is also not cheap, as a one-hour session will cost you about $55.

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It still seems that Japan is still fond of wearing masks in general, but as restrictions become less mandatory, there are those who want to get rid of their face coverings.

Some people have forgotten how to smile after COVID-19

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