Smartflower is the next generation of solar panel technology –

Solar panels are a great way to literally generate electricity without having to do anything or pay for anything (except installation costs), at least if you live in a country where the sun shines regularly, which is not really the case for the UK. But either way, if you’re looking to set up a solar panel, we have a solution that might be more economical.

Known as Smartflower, this solar panel unit is designed to be easy to install, use plug-and-play functionality, and even track the sun along the sky and point the panel at the solar body to generate 40% more electricity over the course of a day compared to a stationary, mostly rooftop panel.

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There are currently three versions of the Smartflower available, these being the regular one, the Smartflower + (which has a fully integrated battery making it ideal for places without access to the grid) and the Smartflower EV which offers an EV charging port, making your lifetime of renewable energy even more convenient.

Smartflower is the next generation of solar panel technology

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