Nissan Announces 20-23 Concept Car Celebrating 20 Years of its London Design Studio –

Nissan has sought to celebrate 20 years of its London design studio with the unveiling of a new electric hot hatchback concept. Known as the 20-23 Concept, the car was created by a team of young designers who were told to create a car without any limitations.

Speaking about the 20-23 Concept, Nissan’s senior vice president for global design, Alfonso Albaisa, explained where the inspiration for the car came from. He stated: “The young team here at BDE was given a simple brief: design a fun electric city car that you would want to drive every day in London. The 20-23 Concept they designed is a compact hatchback heavily influenced by the online racing world. I love the story it tells about how the worlds of modern city life, online gaming and zero emission mobility intersect.”

Since this is a concept car, don’t expect to see one on the road anytime soon, even if it serves as an interesting look at what the future of EV-heated hatchbacks might look like.

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Nissan announces 20-23 Concept car celebrating 20 years of its London design studio

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