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Today Merge Games are pleased to open the doors to “Giant’s Fall Chapel & Crypt” in the first of many content updates coming for Early Access multiplayer survival hit Smalland: Survive the Wilds! The new update opens the next chapter of the story and introduces two new NPCs, along with new parts of the map, a deadly new enemy, a powerful sword and armor set, metal building materials and more.

Smalland: Survive the Wilds was developed and published internally and launched in March via Steam and Epic. After years of player anticipation, the game peaked at more than 52,000 daily players in its launch week and has earned Twitch streamers more than 1.5 million viewing hours, inspiring hundreds of YouTube videos.

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Travel deep into the ruins of Giant’s Fall Chapel and brave the creeping, crawling darkness of the Crypt in search of ancient relics that will reveal the next chapter of Smalland-sage.

In these brand new areas, players will experience the next chapter in the Smalland story. Meet two brand new NPCs, the Historian and Merchant, as you take on hordes of your newest enemy… the swarming Colony Spiders.

Tame old enemies with the Hornet mount, while using the new pyrite resource to create a brand new armor set and weapon and trade it with the Merchant for a new metal building component

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