Farming Simulator reaches its fifth season

GIANTS Softwaredeveloper of the agricultural simulation videogame Farming Simulatorhas announced the new competitive season of esports, Farming Simulator League (FSL). The fifth season will be the first to be played with the latest edition of the video game, Farming Simulator 22with a prize to be distributed of 200.000€ and will have the chemical distribution company, HELM AGas the new main sponsor.

The league has experienced steady growth since its inception as a game mode for agricultural trade shows. Traditional esports teams, such as MyInsanity, compete against teams sponsored by agricultural machinery manufacturers.

The fifth season of the league will undergo notable changes. The most important one is the change of the video game itself: all previous editions were played on Farming Simulator 19but from now on the league will take place in the latest edition, Farming Simulator 22. In addition, GIANTS Software has added a new game mode named Arenaas an improvement of the previous one.

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Also, FSL and FS esports mode will be coming to consoles this year, which will allow players to participate in esports competitions for the first time. All players will be able to enter competitive farms through a dedicated “esports” segment in the main menu. GIANTS has not provided details on whether console-specific tournaments will be held in the future.

A new title sponsor for the league was also announced. HELM AGan agricultural brand from Germany, will be the title sponsor for the fifth season and will support the tournament throughout the year.

We are pleased to announce the integration of console players into our esports league. This marks another milestone in the history of our successful efforts to make virtual farming not only competitive and fun, but also professional and inspiring.

Christian Ammann, CEO of GIANTS Software

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