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Over the weekend of March 17-24, we opened up a small portion of Sanctuary to players worldwide in our Early Access and Open Beta. Over 61.5 million hours were played, over 29 billion monsters killed and 2.6 million Beta Wolf Packs earned. During the Beta weekend, many players took the time to share valuable feedback, and the development team reviewed this feedback and gameplay data. With this information, they made a number of tweaks and updates that will be in the version of the game that launches in June.


  • Cellars now consistently reward a chest upon completion and the likelihood of a Dungeon Event has increased.
  • All character classes have received modifications to various skills.
  • Multiple dungeons have been optimized in all zones to minimize the need for backtracking. Dungeon Events also now have an increased chance of spawning.
  • Bosses such as T’chort, Malnok, Vhenard and others were re-evaluated for melee character difficulty, resulting in changes to attacks and combat mechanics. The Butcher was also re-evaluated for difficulty and will be more challenging in World Tiers III and IV.
  • Several quality-of-life fixes were implemented, and all classes now have access to abilities to control crowds, with appropriate cooldowns.
  • Several problems with the UI resolved, including the chat now displayed on the left side of the screen and the sans serif font being replaced with a new serif font.
  • For all the details, check out our blog.
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Tune in on April 20 at 8 p.m. for the next Diablo IV Developer Update Livestream with game director Joe Shely, associate game director Joseph Piepiora and associate director of community Adam Fletcher – along with special host Rhykker.

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