She wasn’t a diva, but Romanians loved her. “When I was 5, my mother ran away from home. My father was unhappy all his life”: the story of talented actress Dorina Lazăr

Dorina Lazăr is an important Romanian theatre and film actress, who has been featured in countless Romanian films over the years.

Overflowing with talent, the actress has managed to conquer, throughout her career, the hearts of many Romanian film lovers.

Dorina Lazăr – archive image – Buftea Studios

Dorina Lazăr, a complete Romanian theatre and film actress

Dorina Lazăr was born on November 7, 1940, in Hunedoara, and throughout her long career, she has worked in theatre, cinema, television and radio.

He graduated from the Institute of Theatrical and Cinematographic Arts, at the Faculty of Theatre, in the Acting section, more precisely in the class of Professor Ion Finteșteanu, who had as assistants the equally famous Sanda Manu and Dem Rădulescu.

He made his debut in 1961 at the Regional Theatre in Bucharest, and since 1969 he has been playing at the Odeon Theatre.

Dorina Lazăr made her big screen debut in 1974, in the film Păcală, directed by Geo Saizescu.

Her most important films:

  • The Pimp (1974)
  • The Mastodon (1975)
  • Last Night of Loneliness (1976)
  • The Taste and Colour of Happiness (1978)
  • Roads in the Balance (1979)
  • Stop frame at the table (1980)
  • Stefan Luchian (1981)
  • Anna and the “thief” (1981)
  • The Saltimbancii (1981)
  • The Sign of the Serpent (1982)
  • Angela Goes On (1982)
  • Sword Swallower (1982)
  • A Saltimbanc at the North Pole (1982)
  • The Rapture (1982)
  • Fram (1983)
  • Bear Eyes (1983)
  • Beautiful is September in Venice (1983)
  • A swan in winter (1983)
  • Love and Revolution (1983)
  • High Schoolers (1986)
  • Let me tell you about myself (1988)
  • A Studio in Search of a Star (1989)
  • Divorce… for love (1992)
  • The Stone Cross (1994)
  • Leapin’ Leprechauns! (1995)
  • Spellbreaker: Secret of the Leprechauns (1996)
  • Miniature City (USA, 1998)
  • Blessed Sons, Prison (2002)
  • Bucharest NonStop (2013)
  • Happy Funerals (2013)
  • Monsters (2019)
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Dorina Lazăr – archive image – Buftea Studios

He never really got to know his mother

According to a 2020 interview, actress Dorina Lazăr had a childhood like many Romanians born in that period, and this despite the general perception that actors are privileged.

Most of the time, this is far from the truth. Real actors, like Ms. Lazăr, become what they are through hard work and dedication, they are not served anything “ready-made” on a platter.

“My mother went to Timișoara, where she became a clerk at the CFR and enrolled at the Conservatory. She was a pupil of Mrs. Lilly Bulandra, Tony Bulandra’s sister, and of a great actor, Ioan Braborescu.

She became an actress at the Bulandra Theatre. She played in “Mamouret”, with Mrs Bulandra. I found her report card from college. Boy, were they good grades!”, said Dorina Lazăr, according to Adevărul, in the aforementioned interview.

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As I mentioned earlier, even great actors are not exempt from sad stories, and Dorina Lazăr’s great sorrow is that she never got to meet her mother, who chose to leave her husband and child.

“When I was 5, my mother ran away from home. One night she packed her bag and off she went. The only one who knew where she was going and why she ran away was my Aunt Victoria, who, poor thing, had gone to pieces. I was so stupid that I didn’t ask her, I didn’t hold on to her to tell me exactly what happened,” she added.

So her father found himself put in the position of caring for the child, but with a little help from her sister’s father.

“Poor father, he’s been so unhappy all his life. He loved her terribly, and the fact that he ran away and left me too – can you imagine what a blow that was to him! To wake up at 43 years old, not in the world, without a wife, with a child, with a house a quarter finished, that my grandfather had started to build them houses, but hadn’t finished yet.

They finally finished half of it and we moved there. All their lives, my grandfather and grandmother got along very well with my father, my ex-grandfather-in-law, and they appreciated him very much. Dad helped them a lot,” the great actress also told the aforementioned source.

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