iPhone 15 could have a cutout screen similar to iPhone 14 Pro

Starting with the iPhone 15, Apple looks like it will drop the cutout or perforated screen differentiation, making it easier both to organize the iOS interface and to make the choice for buyers with slightly less lax budgets.

According to the latest images generated from CAD sketches sent to accessory manufacturers, Apple is ditching the old cutout screen design at the top altogether, with even the base iPhone 15 hardware set to use Dynamic Island. Essentially, it’s using a perforated screen following the example of the current iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max series.

Although, even the current Dynamic Island formula is not without controversy on the topic of screen real estate, at least for now we’ll be able to talk about a similar user experience, whichever iPhone you buy.

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Also new is the USB-C port, confirmed for both the base iPhone 15 and the Pro model. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since Apple has been forced to accept these changes under threat of being banned from the European market.

Meanwhile, on the back of the case we find the same dual-camera setup found on the current model, with a third camera appearing only on the Pro version.

According to measurements extracted from CAD renderings, the iPhone 15 will have a 6.2-inch screen, insanely larger than the 6.1-inch screen offered on the iPhone 14. The capacitive buttons spotted on the 15 Pro renderings are missing from the iPhone 15 CAD files, suggesting that the standard trim will still use physical buttons.

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It’s worth saying that the sketches obtained are not definitive, as the design may undergo adjustments as we get closer to the fall launch.

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