Several Peruvian government ministers denounce having received death threats

Peru’s Minister of Labor, Alejando Salas, has denounced this Wednesday that several members of Pedro Castillo’s Executive have received death threats, including outside their personal homes.

“Many of us, those who speak the most, are being the subject of death threats. They are standing at the doors of our homes. Obviously we are handling this with absolute discretion,” Salas detailed during a press conference after a Council of Ministers, as reported by ‘El Comercio’.

Salas has explained that the people who threatened the members of the Peruvian Government have already been identified, and has expressed the will of the ministers to continue working despite receiving extortion threats.

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“If that is the cost of having and assuming for serving the country, then let it be the cost. Our families are also notified of this (…) Our threats are real and exist” has said the Peruvian labor minister in relation to the alleged threats that the head of the Special Team of Prosecutors against corruption of the Power, Marita Barreto, would have received, according to the above mentioned newspaper.

Salas has assured that, unlike how Barreto denounced, the ministers do not publicly denounce that “a drone is placed over the house”, downplaying the importance of the matter.

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Previously, the Peruvian prime minister, Anibal Torres, had indicated that he had received death threats, for which he warned that if they make an attempt on his life “they will gain little.”

“I work for the good of my country, of my homeland, I am not intimidated even by death threats. To those who threaten me with death I say: if they kill me, they will gain very little because I am already around the corner. They will not be very successful”, said the President.

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