LG launches smart sneaker showcases for sneakerheads: Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare

LG has announced smart cabinets dedicated to sneakers at IFA. These are made specifically for the collectible sneaker enthusiast who wants a secure storage place that keeps their shoes in optimal condition. The company has made both a cupboard with transparent walls, which allows you to admire limited edition shoes, and one that accommodates several pairs at once. Both models, the LG Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare, come with smart features that help maintain shoes.

You can display your collectible sports shoes safely with LG Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare

LG’s Styler ShoeCase is a kind of smart, clear-walled shelf that also includes a rotating surface so you can move your shoes into the ideal position for display. The glass is treated to keep UV light out, protecting the outer materials of the shoes. The shoe box can also clean shoes to remove odours through TrueSteam technology, while Zeo-Dry filters make shoes more pleasant to wear.

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These technologies were already available on LG’s smart wardrobes dedicated to clothes, but now they’ve been miniaturized to appeal to sneaker enthusiasts. LG says you can stack up to four of these smart “shelves”, and for those who don’t necessarily want to display their shoes but still want to keep them clean and safe from the elements, LG ShoeCare is available.

This is a sort of four-shelf cabinet that dries shoes and keeps them clean inside. A cleaning takes 37 minutes, and the company says the process isn’t very noisy, at 35 decibels. Everything can be controlled from the LG ThinQ app.

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LG hasn’t put a price on these smart home devices yet, but partnerships with various shoe brands are in the works to add pair-specific cleaning programs.

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