Dumitru Constantin Dulcan is a guest on ALTCEVA podcast with Adrian Artene

Neurologist and psychiatrist Dumitru Constantin Dulcan is Adrian Artene’s guest on the ALTCEVA podcast that will be broadcast on Saturday, September 3, starting at 7:00 pm.

Constantin Dulcan is a military doctor, specializing in neurology and psychiatry. He headed the neuropsychiatry department of the Central Military Hospital in Bucharest, then the neurology clinic, holding the military rank of brigadier general since 1993.

He has also been a university lecturer since 1993 and then a university professor since 1998, taught at the University “Titu Maiorescu” in Bucharest, where he was head of the neurology department. He is a member of several national and international scientific societies (American Academy of Neurology, European Neurological Society, International Brain Research Organization), as well as president of the Romanian Acupuncture Society.

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His book “The Intelligence of Matter” was awarded the Romanian Academy Prize for Philosophy “Vasile Conta” in 1992.

Watch the full interview with Dumitru Constantin Dulcan on Saturday, September 3, at 7pm, only on the YouTube channel Something Else with Adrian Artene.

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