Seven benefits of playing and learning with Lego pieces

Some of us still remember the fun games with LEGO bricks from childhood, and many of us continue to buy and assemble these pieces and we can’t deny that sometimes time flies and we have a lot of fun with these toys.

That’s because LEGO toys are more than just a game. They are actually a tool that can help children improve their motor and mental skills.

The benefits that a child can get from playing with these blocks are many, they have even become a necessary resource in the early and preschool stimulation rooms.

But although they have long been considered suitable for children, young people and adults can also take advantage of them.

Below is a list of all the benefits a child can get when playing with LEGO, according to psychologists and educators:

  • Spatial awareness: when you play with LEGO you also play with space, that is, you place the pieces in such a way that you have to make a very good distribution of space and shapes in order to obtain the silhouette you want to build. This will help you become more aware of space and size.
  • Mathematical knowledge: although you obviously do not perform complex math operations to assemble a figure, you put this skill into practice with LEGO blocks, as sometimes you have to remove an already attached piece to build another. It may also be necessary to count the pieces so that the creation has an equal size. That is, you also develop the notion of symmetry and distribution.
  • Reasoning skills: You can also improve your ability to solve problems, because if you notice halfway that what you are building does not turn out exactly as you expected, you will find yourself needing to find a way to solve the situation. This will teach you to be a better planner, because if you have already thought about what you want to put together, you will first need to plan the steps to achieve the structure you have imagined. -so you avoid having to start over or disassemble what you have already assembled to solve some details.
  • Increased concentration: Even if it’s just a game, there are many LEGO lovers who focus deeply when they want to put something together. In fact, there are sets for adults that are obviously much more complex than those designed for children and that really require a lot of concentration to put together. So, if you are a little distracted, these little pieces are a good option to practice concentration and to develop other skills at the same time.
  • Confidence in yourself in the face of challenges: by proposing to build a complex figure with LEGO, you challenge yourself, and this can even help you in your personal security and make you more confident in your abilities. If you recognize that you are capable of setting a goal and accomplishing it, it will be easier for you to understand and assimilate the challenges that life can present to you.
  • Creativity: the possibility of creating with LEGO is endless, from shapes of objects such as cars, buildings, animals, to figures that you invent yourself. You have the opportunity to make all kinds of figures.
  • Emotional benefit: It has also been shown that playing with colors and shapes can help you release negative emotions and at the same time allow you to regain positive energy, relax your mind and stay calm during times of stress.
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So, LEGO has become a traditional game throughout history and the contributions and benefits it can bring to those who use it are constantly being discovered. If you are looking to increase your mental and manual skills, a LEGO game is definitely a great option that will help you too. you can also share the game with friends or family, and thus improve your personal relationships.

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