Gardena robot lawn mower reduced by €300 just in time for the garden season!

Finally, your Pokémon no longer have to use cutters when mowing the lawn to make your garden look like it was cut with scissors at Easter. The Gardena Sileno Life 750 robot lawn mower does that for you – you can get it from Amazon for €799.41 during the gardening season. That’s a whopping 27% off the RRP of €1099. It is not only one of the most popular robotic lawnmowers, but also one of the best on the market according to the test winner Digital!

Secure the Gardena Sileno Life 750 with a €300 discount!

Gardena SILENO Life 750: No more gardening

Well, your garden will have to lend a hand: Unfortunately, the Gardena can’t water, plant or cut the hedge – not yet. But it saves you a lot of time when mowing the lawn. The robotic lawnmower trims it for you up to 750 m² to a cutting height of between 20 – 50 mm. Thanks to the sensor control function, it even recognizes when the lawn needs to be cutwithout your application.

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The Gardena Sileno Life 750 has a frost sensor to detect temperatures close to freezing and adjust the mowing schedule.

The Gardena Sileno Life 750 has a frost sensor to detect temperatures close to freezing and adjust the mowing schedule.

But there are more besides self-employment Practical functions that you can easily use via the Bluetooth Gardena App: Set a timer, determine the lawn cutting height (adjustable in three stages) or spot cutting. Unfortunately, you need an account to use it. Speaking of the connection: You can issue commands to the robot from a distance of up to 10 meters.

There are two other variants of the Gardena Sileno Life for larger areas: 1000 m² and 1500m².

Shave your garden with the Sileno Life 750 robot lawn mower!

Practically the quietest robot lawn mower: 57 dB

The following scenario: Saturday morning, 10 a.m. in spring and you want to have a relaxed breakfast in the garden – the neighbor’s lawnmower is already making noise, which sounds like a combine harvester. Do yourself and those around you a favor: The Gardena Sileno Life 750 robot lawn mower is extremely quiet at 57 decibels. You can take a nap yourself without having your ears blown off.

Scope of delivery for the Gardena Sileno Life 750:

boundary wire200 Meter
Hook300 pieces
Connector4 pieces
terminals5 pieces

through the The robotic lawnmower is also robust in construction extremely weather resistant – you don’t have to worry about heavy rain and the Gardena Sileno Life doesn’t get a heat stroke either. When he’s done his job, he dashes back to his charging station (you can also make him a nice kennel for that). It is then ready for use again after 75 minutes.

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You need a shower after your work is done and the Gardena Sileno Life needs a shower too at some point: Simply spray it off with a water hose – then the little robot will be happy.

Get one of the best robot lawn mowers for the garden!

Robotic lawnmower without boundary wire? GPS & camera does not have to be

Most robotic lawnmowers are supplied with a boundary wire – including the Gardena Sileno Life 750. This allows it to recognize your surroundings and only drive exactly into the regions of your garden that you specify for him. So he doesn’t suddenly destroy the flower bed or try to trim the moss in the pond. It is true that you have to devote yourself to the work of laying – above ground it works quite quickly and is a tried and tested method. So he muddles through every garden labyrinth.

Which robotic lawnmowers do not need a boundary wire? Robotic lawnmowers with special lawn sensors, GPS or cameras recognize where they are without additional tools. However, it sometimes happens that the end of the area to be mowed is not recognized. However, models from the Ambrogio brand are currently popular.

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