Schools from all over Spain, awaiting the start of the new JUNIOR Esports season

JUNIOR Esportsthe educational and technological project of reference at national level developed for students between 14 and 18 years of ageis back with a new edition of Intel, VARTA and Riot Games. Since its inception 6 years ago, the history of this competition counts more than 1,700 educational centersabout 2,000 teachers and about 6,000 students from all over Spain.

The seventh season of JUNIOR Esports has already kicked off and schools will be able to register to participate. Beyond being just a competition, JUNIOR Esports is a working tool for teachers and a source of motivation for students through video games. The project, moreover, is based on a series of 16 core valuesincluding integration, sportsmanship and commitment, so that all students can put them into practice in their daily lives.

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The seventh season tour

The competition of JUNIOR Esports consists of 8 official tournaments associated with the 16 values (two per tournament) on which the project is based. Each of them will distribute more points as the season progresses and the games available to participate will be League of Legends, Brawl Stars and Rocket League..

After making the 8 tournaments of each game to be played. from October to March in format onlinea phase of playoffs with the 16 teams that have achieved the most points during all the competitive dates. From there, the 2 best teams will have the possibility of playing in the in person the Grand Final and lift the championship title.

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Discover with JUNIOR Esports

Once again, the project will be present at the new edition of GAMERGY 2023the largest videogame event in the country, which will take place between December 15 and 17 at IFEMA MADRID. In addition, multiple educational centers will have the opportunity to visit the facilities of GGTech Entertainment at Alicante and learn firsthand the day to day life in one of the leading esports, gaming, technology and entertainment companies in the world.

Digitization of classrooms

The new season will award a prize pool valued at 10.000€which will be distributed among the best educational teams in each of the games. JUNIOR Esports has a strong commitment with the digitalization of the classrooms of the participating centers, so all the prizes will consist of technological material.

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