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Green Hell VR for PlayStation VR2 has been available on the PS Store for over a month. The latest glasses, along with the power of PS5, have enabled significant improvements in this popular survival game. Since then, Incuvo has been listening to player comments and constantly working on solutions. Now they have prepared a big treat for us.

In the latest patch (1.1.0) we will get many expected improvements. We will find changes in gameplay, balance and haptic features there, among others. Everything is summarized in the patch notes below:

  • Adjustments to food values and their preparation times
  • Visual adjustments in dream sequences
  • Insomnia solutions – the time taken for the first level is not reset after loading a saved file. Insomnia levels one at a time, but time taken for higher levels was shortened
  • Haptic feedback improvements.
  • New scenarios for headset vibration
  • Player’s forearm no longer tilts after wrist rotation, making smartwatch use easier
  • Tool balance adjustments: obsidian tools are now more durable
  • Audio volume adjustments.
  • Caves and buildings no longer cut off ambient noise
  • Subtitles are now visible during vision fades
  • Long subtitles run on and should be displayed more in the center of the image
  • New background for pause menu
  • Implementation of adaptive triggers
  • User interface scaling affects all HUD elements
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