Samsung’s new 2023 Micro LED TV offering with modular design and diagonals from 50 inches

First unveiled in 2019 Samsung’s Micro LED TV offering was characterised by large display diagonals and exorbitant prices. Samsung’s Micro LED 2023 offering doesn’t change much on the cost side, but reducing the minimum diagonal to “just” 50 inches opens up new options for consumers who would like this technology in their own living room.

Next, Samsung Micro LED TVs come in a modular design, designed to be assembled at home by authorized Samsung technicians. In other words, you can’t buy a Samsung Micro LED TV that you can enjoy right out of the box. The advantage is that Micro LED modules can be assembled to achieve any screen diagonal or aspect ratio, with no visible separation area in the picture. Plus in the event that one of these models fails, it can be replaced individually, avoiding the need to replace the whole good screen/television. The only notable drawback would be that in the current design sound must be played through a separate soundbar.

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Returning to the Micro LED 2023 offering, the available options are 50-inch, 63-inch, 76-inch, 89-inch, 101-inch, 114-inch and 140-inch, with resolution starting at 4K UHD for the smaller diagonal. The specification list mentions a maximum brightness of 4000 nits, refresh rate at 240 Hz and a response time of only 2 nanoseconds. According to Samsung, the Micro LED displays also include something called 20-bit black details, meaning that rendering the darker portions of the image can be done without separating the image into distinct lighting gradients that spoil the viewing experience.

Although seen as a potential replacement for the current generation of OLED TVs, Micro LED solutions remain out of reach for mainstream consumers for now, with prices so high that Samsung avoids mentioning them in promotional materials.

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Unlike OLED, Micro LED technology can deliver even better image quality, from contrast levels to maximum brightness and power consumption. Another advantage for Micro LED displays is that they do not suffer from the so-called Burn In effect, manifested in OLED displays by “burning in” static elements in the image, such as the TV logo, as permanently printed shadows on the screen. In other words, Micro LED displays are ideal for intensive applications such as billboards, with good semi-permanent operation and high brightness.

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