Samsung remains the only credible supplier of screens for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max

Apple’s claims to deliver the iPhone 14 Pro with the brightest screen on the market, as well as the best in terms of image quality, has led to the exclusion of all screen suppliers except Samsung. The situation is not exactly ideal for the American company, with the South Koreans delivering at the negotiated price (probably well above the market average) and in the contracted volume, as long as there are no unforeseen circumstances that could upset production.

Good news for Apple fans, the iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro come with the highest-performance smartphone screens available in the industry. The bad news is that they’ve ended up with steep prices for the phone they want, especially if they’re part of the “privileged” group of North American consumers.

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Trying to anticipate any “complications” the situation in the increasingly politically uncertain China, Samsung is already investing in equipping the factories it runs in Vietnam, with the plan being to ship as many of Apple’s requested display orders as possible from there.

Apparently a major complication to meeting Apple’s required delivery volumes is the abandonment of the large cutout applied from the edge of the screen, the oval perforation used with the new “Dynamic Island” design further decreasing the success rate for screens already very difficult to produce to Apple’s required quality standards.

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Apparently, LG can also manufacture the type of screen required for the new iPhone models, but is having great problems meeting the specifications required by Apple, with the volume of deliveries insufficient to cover the iPhone manufacturer’s needs. LG would have particular problems with screen cutouts, unable to replicate the laser equipment developed by Samsung, resulting in a much higher number of defects relative to the number of screens coming off the assembly line.

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