Samsung prepares a Galaxy Z Fold5 with integrated stylus and light weight

We criticized the Galaxy Z Fold4 at launch for its lack of significant changes from one generation to the next, but Samsung appears to be gearing up to increase both the number of foldable devices sold and their capabilities. Next year, the Galaxy Z Fold will reach its fifth generation, and this could mark the biggest change yet, according to The Elec, which cites sources close to Samsung.

Galaxy Z Fold5 could be the phone Note fans have been waiting for

Samsung reportedly plans to grow the foldable smartphone area by 80% by 2025, so within the next three years. The South Korean company will do this by retaining existing customers and attracting other customers who so far haven’t chosen foldable models. Apparently 90% of those who currently have a foldable device are expected to buy a new one in the next year.

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Among the changes it will make to make these devices more attractive are decreasing size and weight, reducing the screen bezels, and integrating an S-Pen into the body of the Galaxy Z Fold5. Apparently the plan to integrate a stylus was there from the design phase of the Fold4, but this component couldn’t be integrated after all.

If Samsung manages to make at least some of these changes, surely those who were expecting a true “replacement” for the Note series will at least consider a Fold model, at the expense of the Galaxy S “Ultra” models, which now use the old design and features of the cancelled series.

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It’s unclear if such improvements will make it to the Galaxy Z Flip, but those models have proven significantly more popular with users, so they probably won’t be changed much in the near future.

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