Samsung brings Voice Focus to other Galaxy A phones via firmware updates

Samsung announces it will bring Voice Focus to more mid-range phones.

First appearing on the Galaxy F23 5G series phones, Voice Focus can dramatically improve call clarity for both parties in the conversation. Subsequently, Samsung has added this functionality to the Galaxy M33 5G and Galaxy M53 5G phones since April. Apparently, the plan is for the innovation that doesn’t involve dedicated hardware support to be brought to other Galaxy A series phones via firmware updates.

Specifically, the Voice Focus feature uses sophisticated algorithms to block background noise and boost voice frequencies, resulting in much clearer hearing for both parties in the conversation. More interestingly, the functionality isn’t just limited to phone calls. Once enabled, the technology works indiscriminately with any app that includes voice or video calling, such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp and Zoom.

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At the moment, only Samsung’s India division officially confirms the introduction of Voice Focus on other devices. These are the Galaxy A33 5G, Galaxy A53 5G and Galaxy A73 5G, in the version with signatures for the India region. Probably other regions will be added to this list in the near future.

The announcement comes after Samsung has already impressed Android users by announcing official Android 13/One UI 5.0 firmware releases well ahead of the competition. Incidentally it’s anticipated that most eligible Galaxy A phones will receive the Android 13 update ahead of time starting around December 2022.

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