Russian opponent Alexei Navalni calls for this Sunday protests in Russia against the war in Ukraine

File - Demonstration in Berlin, Germany, demanding the freedom of Russian opponent Alexei Navalni.

File – Demonstration in Berlin, Germany, demanding the freedom of Russian opponent Alexei Navalni. – OMER MESSINGER/GETTY IMAGES – Archive

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The influential Russian opponent Alexei Navalni has called for this Sunday in various Russian cities protests against the war in Ukraine despite the fact that thousands of people have been arrested since in demonstrations held since the invasion of the territory began.

“The maniac of (Vladimir) Putin will be stopped by the people of Russia now if he opposes the war,” the dissident said on his Instagram social network account. “Even if you are one, you are the one who unites. You are the base of the movement against war and death,” he said.

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Thus, he has called the population to meet on March 13 at 2:00 p.m. in the main square of each city. “You have to go to the anti-war protests every weekend, even if everyone is gone or scared,” he insisted.

The NGO OVD-Info estimates that around 14,000 people have been arrested in anti-war protests in Russia since the start of the war. Navalni has previously ventured that “anti-war” sentiment in Russia “will continue to grow” and has urged continued protests against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“This anti-war moment will continue to grow in Russian society, so anti-war protests must not stop under any circumstances,” he said on Tuesday.

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Navalni has specified that “the support of the Russians for this horrible war that Putin has started against Ukraine is important politically speaking.” “The answer to this question will largely define Russia’s place in the history of the 21st century,” she said.

The opponent was jailed in January 2021, when he returned to Moscow from Berlin, where he had been recovering from a poisoning that he and Western governments blamed on the Russian president’s security service. The Kremlin denies any responsibility.

Navalni was imprisoned for having violated the rules of conduct imposed in the probation file in the framework of the Yves Rocher case, for which he was sentenced in 2014 for corruption.

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