Are you afraid you won’t find gas at the pump? Here’s what you need to know right now

In this tense period, with an armed conflict on the border of the country, people are easier to handle than ever, especially if we take into account that we are coming after another two extremely difficult years. Precisely for this reason, all Romanian drivers need to know, right now, that there is no reason to panic about fuel prices, but not about stocks.

What the Government is saying in this whole story

This is underlined by the Minister of Energy, Virgil Popescu. The official assures the Romanians that they have no reason to spend hours at the gas stations, because we have enough stocks. Moreover, there is no risk of higher price fluctuations than the natural ones in such situations as the current one, which is quite delicate.

“Romania has absolutely no problems with oil stocks and with fuel, gasoline and diesel stocks. There is no reason for the price explosion as it happened yesterday and it is unfortunate what happened on Wednesday “, said Minister Popescu, referring to the general hysteria that determined Romanians to form endless queues at gas stations, after they appeared on the Internet information that prices would explode in just a few hours.

It is true that there have been several isolated situations of gas stations that have increased the price of fuel, but on Thursday several state institutions (ANAF, Competition Council, Labor Inspectorate, ANPC) started checks and have already applied the first fines. For example, at the Beiuș station, which had displayed a cost of 11 lei / liter of fuel on Wednesday, ANPC imposed a fine of 35,000 lei. Officials say there are no justifiable reasons for such increases. However, the station owner has an explanation:

“I was forced to pay more because I bought more. I bought fuel from the warehouse for 8.6 lei per liter, given that so far I have sold it at the pump for 7.6! I was told that if it didn’t suit me I wouldn’t take it. And so I have a tank that they didn’t fill! Tomorrow it will be even more expensive, I understood that it will be 10 lei per liter “, explained Daniel Degau, administrator and one of the owners of the company Deșiră Impex, which also owns two partner gas stations Rompetrol.

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