Rolls-Royce has unveiled its latest V12 coupe -.

Rolls-Royce is nearing the end of one of its most influential eras. The V12 era is essentially over, and the car company wants to conclude this period of its history with one last, extremely limited model.

Known as the Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow, this car will be the manufacturer’s last V12 coupe, as from here on, Rolls-Royce is moving into an all-electric era.

The car will be delivered in “one of the most complex surface finishes Rolls-Royce has ever produced.”, have a design inspired by the 1930 record-breaking vehicle, the Thunderbolt, will have a starlight headliner (with 2,117 fiberglass stars) and has a new club leather interior surface.

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Matching all these beautiful internals with a powerful V12 engine means that the Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow will be very rare, in fact only 12 will ever be made. For any recent lottery winners hoping to throw your name into the ringer, Rolls-Royce has also announced that all 12 models have already been assigned to customers around the world.

Rolls-Royce has unveiled its latest V12 coupe

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