In the future, Ubisoft will be able to use an AI to help with dialogues in games

What: Sony Interactive

What: Sony Interactive

The French game manufacturer has the AI-supported tool at an event Ubisoft Ghostwriter presented. This will be used in the future to write dialogues in their games and to support the writers. It aims to give them more free time to work on core elements of the games.

Incidentally, the tool was developed by Ubisoft itself, more precisely by Ubisoft La Forge, the research and development department.

First of all only for NCP dialogs

First of all, the game manufacturer Ubisoft wants to use ghostwriters only for monosyllabic NCP phrases and noisesthe kind of snippets of dialogue that the non-player characters just blare out into the world.

However, this could only be the beginning. The further Ubisoft Ghostwriter develops, the more often the studio could use the software. The use of secondary characters or (possibly also for) dialogues of protagonists would pave the way.

The headwind is great

It goes without saying that experienced authors are fighting against AI. Alanah Pearce, who works for Sony Santa Monica, immediately tweeted:

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For me as a writer, editing AI generated scripts/dialogs is far more time consuming than writing my own lines of text. I would far prefer if AAA studios used the budget they spend developing tools like this to hire more writers.

Other authors and dubbing actors blew the same horn. Are the concerns justified?

Max Schwind

I am an author myself and the thought of AI writing dialogues or stories makes my fountain pen run out of ink. At the moment, however, I see no reason to complain about the toolif it is only used for one-liners, which many ignore anyway.

However, I understand the objection that the time investment could be greater in the end. I shook a fast voice line out of my arm in seconds, but when an AI gives me a raw version that I have to touch again, I ended up losing time and not winning.

However, if I use my crystal ball and imagine an AI writing entire dialogues for characters, I see the whole thing critically. Character voice, the narrating voice of a character, is essential in dialogue. If words, sentences or entire paragraphs are interchangeable, then that is bad writing.

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At best, dialogues are based on a complex constructt from character, experiences, narrative voice and interlocutor. I think it is an impossible task to expect an AI to do this. But I’d be happy to be taught better.

Back in November, Ubisoft La Forge and Riot Games announced that they were working on a joint project to stop offensive statements in game chats.

The AI โ€‹โ€‹of Zero Harm in Comms-Initiative is said to be a shared database in which artificial intelligence collects in-game data from chats in order to pre-moderate toxic chats in the future.

By the way, AI and gaming are popular game partners. For example, users have had characters from GTA: San Andreas portrayed as real people, Donald Trump and Joe Biden have heated discussions about Overwatch, and in our GameStar podcast we asked the AI โ€‹โ€‹about their favorite game.

AI as an author support should ensure dialogues and more free time for important gaming core elements. Do you believe in it? Could AIs possibly write entire games in the future? Or do you think that this kind of creativity and imagination is incumbent on humans? Feel free to share your feelings with us in the comments.

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