Rolls-Royce has unveiled a Phantom that it describes as a “bespoke masterpiece” -.

While many probably already associate the Rolls-Royce name with custom-made cars, the automaker has now taken a look at a new entry in the Phantom -series that it personally describes as a “bespoke masterpiece”.

Known as the Phantom Syntopia, this car was created together with Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen, and is also considered the “most technically complex” Phantom ever made.

You can see why Rolls-Royce throws around all these impressive terms when you get a glimpse of the car, as it has an interior with 3D textures, features a “Weaving Water Starlight Headliner.” which is described as the “most complex in Rolls-Royce history”., and is the first Rolls-Royce with a “bespoke scent” aimed at creating a “truly immersive experience”.

The car itself is based on the Phantom Extended body, and will also be supported with a one-off garment designed by van Herpen to match the Phantom Syntopia.

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If you happen to be a Scrooge McDuck type with a pool full of gold coins and are interested in getting one of these cars, you are sadly out of luck, because Rolls-Royce has announced that the Phantom Syntopia will go to a private collection in May and will never be replicated.

Rolls-Royce has unveiled a Phantom it describes as a "bespoke masterpiece"Rolls-Royce has unveiled a Phantom it describes as a "bespoke masterpiece"

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