Apple is preparing a MacBook Air (Max?) With a larger screen

Apple has been selling MacBook Air since 2008, when it launched the “ultrabook” concept. Since then, the maximum size of this ultra-portable computer has been with a 13 “screen, the only other model, sold only for a more limited period, being smaller, 11”. However, it seems that the transition to the new design, which we expect in 2022, could also open the way to a larger ultrabook, with a 15 ”screen, according to new unofficial information in the area of ​​displays.

A larger MacBook Air could be launched in 2023

According to DSCC, Display Supply Chain Consultants, Apple is preparing a 15 ”MacBook Air for the first time. It could debut in 2023, a few months after the 13 ”MacBook Air with M2 processor will be launched towards the end of 2022. It seems that Apple has always had a bigger MacBook Air, since 2008, of to the first generation, but only now will it bring this model to market.

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It is aimed especially at those who need a compact, lightweight and high-performance computer, but who consider that the 13 ”screen of the MacBook Air is not big enough. Of course, we do not have information about its internal configuration, but we expect the M2 processor and all the other advantages of the new MacBook Air. Most likely, both models will be delivered with cut-out screens at the top, as in the case of the 2021 Pro models.

After the launch of this laptop, Apple will offer 13 ”(Air and Basic Pro), 14” (Pro), 15 ”(Air) and 16” (Pro) laptops. Most likely, however, the price of the 15 ”Air model will be lower than that of the cheapest 14” Pro model.

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DSCC is a pretty good source for such information, with the company’s CEO, Ross Young, always providing the right information about the devices to be launched by most companies, but especially by Apple.

The new report also talks about a new “basic” iPad model, which will probably replace the current iPad 9. And that will have a different display than the current 10.2 “, which debuted with the iPad 7. Most likely, Apple will move to a new format, closer in design to the iPad Air and iPad Pro .

source: GSM Arena

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