Robert Kiyosaki shares his top tips for investing in 2023

During an episode of the radio show “The Rich Dad” on Jan. 18, Kiyosaki emphasized that investors should focus on the accumulation of precious metals, noting that assets such as gold are likely to rise in the coming months.

While gold has reached highs of nearly $2,000 in recent weeks, Kiyosaki predicted the next price target for the yellow metal would be $5,000, while warning that the stock market is likely to fall further.

“I think the next stop is $5,000 for gold. And it may take another five years.<…> If you don’t have gold and physics, gold and silver, you should have it now,” Kiyosaki said.

Warning of a possible pension crash

Notably, Robert Kiyosaki warned against focusing on investing in paper money, a factor he said was exacerbated by the increase in printing. He noted that printing silver has a trickle-down effect because it affects things like retirement plans. Overall, Kiyosaki warned that investors should expect the biggest pension crash.

“If you knew how close we are, instead of a Lehman Brothers moment, we are going to have a pension moment, which started in 1974. All these pension problems started happening,” he added.

In addition, the author pointed out that investors should take clues about the potential of precious metals by observing the continued accumulation of gold by most Asian countries.

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During the session, Robert Kiyosaki was also joined by Jay Martin, CEO and President of Cambridge House International, who warned that most investors are “caught short” on precious metals exposure.

“Most of the last 12 years has been a bear market for precious metals. I think a lot of individuals realize that they are a little bit caught short by not having any exposure to historical silver,” Martin said.

Kiyosaki’s support for bitcoin

Finally, it is worth noting that Robert Kiyosaki has previously warned of a possible economic crash while accusing the Federal Reserve of worsening the inflation crisis. In line with this, he has advocated for investment in precious metals alongside crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC).

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Robert Kiyosaki recently emphasized that he&rsquor;s excited about Bitcoin, suggesting that the inaugural crypto-currency is likely to survive when the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) moves to crush altcoins.

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