Biden and Lasso hold a meeting on the Summit of the Americas and the economy


The President of the United States, Joe Biden, and his Ecuadorian counterpart, Guillermo Lasso, held a meeting this Tuesday on the Summit of the Americas to be held in June, economic cooperation between the two countries, and COVID-19.

“Great conversation with the president, Joe Biden. Pleased to find coincidences in the development of our continent. We will work together for security, migration and the fight against corruption. We look forward to the visit of the first lady of the United States, Jill Biden, and see you soon in Los Angeles,” Lasso said on his official Twitter profile.

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Both leaders have discussed their “vision” of the American continent and the “importance” of the relationship between the United States and Ecuador ahead of the Summit of the Americas to be held in Los Angeles. They have also agreed to maintain democratic values ​​in the American event.

Similarly, they have talked about how to strengthen economic, security and migration cooperation between the two countries and about the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, as reported by the White House in a statement.

The US Administration reported earlier this month that Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela would not receive an invitation to the summit in Los Angeles, arguing that they are not democratic nations. “Countries that, due to their actions, do not respect Democracy, will not receive invitations,” assured the Undersecretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, Brian Nichols.

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The president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, warned last week that he will not attend the Summit of the Americas, to be held in Los Angeles, if the United States does not invite all the countries of the region, a notice that his Mexican counterpart has also made. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

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