Robert Kiyosaki: All markets will collapse tomorrow! How can he be so sure of himself?

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, has warned investors that an impending crash will push the markets lower on Valentine’s Day this year.

Citing Stansberry Research, Robert Kiyosaki noted that market stocks, precious metals and crypto-assets led by bitcoin will crash on Feb. 14 due to high-impact news, including the Consumer Price Index (CPI). However, Kiyosaki said investors should not panic, but rather buy more precious metals and Bitcoin with inflationary fiat currencies.

The CRASH is here. Silicon Valley’s first dominoes fall, laying off 144,000 people in 2022. 66,000 more in 2023. VALENTINES DAY MASSACRE predicted by Stansberry Research. Everything is going to crash, including gold, silver and CB prices. Don’t panic. Good news. I will buy more gold, silver and copper, real money with fake dollars“, noted Robert Kiyosaki, referring to the markets.

Notably, large technology companies have been laying off, including Yahoo, which has sent home about 20 percent of its employees. Crypto-currency related companies have also been affected by the market downturn, resulting in several layoffs, including at Coinbase.

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Taking a closer look at the global markets

After a decent rally in almost all markets since the calendar flipped in January, an eventual reversal is likely to occur in all markets. For example, the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 Index have gained about 2.18% and 6.55% respectively since the beginning of the year. As for the price of bitcoin, it gained about 40 percent in January but has fallen about 8.3 percent in the past 14 days.

As the FOMO appears to be fading, global markets are likely to fall further as fears of a potential recession intensify. In addition, the Fed has continued to tighten monetary policy to combat high inflation.

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With the Russian-Ukrainian war dividing the Kremlin and the West, oil and gas prices are expected to continue to rise in most countries that do not have local mines. For example, the European Union plans to ban imports of refined oil products from Russia, including diesel and kerosene, after banning Russian crude oil in December.

With China reopening its international markets after Covid-related blockades over the past three years, analysts are confident that the supply chain will stabilize in the coming quarters.

Bitcoin price action

The bitcoin price is likely to continue to fall after the dreaded weekly death cross occurred over the weekend. Notably, the 50 and 200 WMA turned into resistant levels after a decade of acting as a strong support line. A decline in bitcoin in the coming weeks will similarly affect the altcoin market, causing crypto capitulation.

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